About Us

About Us

We're John and Karina Menke, and we live in Southern California. I guess we are what many people would call "Foodies". We have a passion not only making great food, but we love travelling to explore new foods.  We enjoy learning about food culture, but have never concerned ourselves with making purely authentic versions of food. Many of the recipes you'll find here reflect that concept.

We met in Germany (actually West Germany at the time) while I was stationed there during the Cold War. Karina had just completed her Master's Degree in Nutrition and Home Economics at the University of Giessen.  I was the U.S. Liaison to East Bloc defectors and former political prisoners at a refugee camp  "Notaufnahmelager Giessen". Perhaps it was our mutual love of food and adventure that brought us together. 

When I was young, my favorite pastime was watching all of the old TV Chefs - Julia Child, Jeff Smith, Jacques Pepin, Graham Kerr and others. These people inspired me to cook, and I took two years of Gourmet and International cooking classes at Fullerton College before entering the Army. But was never enamored with the working hours of a typical chef. I enjoy experimenting with meat and sausage, and even made my own beer for many years.

We married in 1987 and came to America in July of that year. Karina became a U.S. Citizen in 1993.  She has worked as a Nutritionist for Nutri-System and Moreno Valley Community Hospital, but gave up her career to raise our two sons. Now she spends much of her time exploring the rich local history in Southern California.

I am currently a Real Estate Agent in Southern California and I created this website to share our favorite recipes (and my favorite gadgets) with all of you. (By the way, if you need an agent in Southern California please call me at (951) 318-6147 or email me at john@myinlandagent.com.